Community Matters

The New Wave Cafe’s Mini Vendor Day for Autism and Aspergers

KMAC volunteers had a beautiful static display of aircraft. KMAC donated a gift certificate towards the raffle draw, our winner won free admission and lunch for a family of four to our September To Remember Air Show for Sept. 15th, 2012.
The new owner, Di aka “Ms. Wonderful”, of the New Wave Cafe in Keswick donated all proceeds from that day to
Kid’s Solutions in Newmarket  for Autism and Aspergers.

The Scouts and their Rocket Show

KMAC The Scouts and their Rocket Show at our field 2012

Sutton Kids Builder’s Club

KMAC at The Sutton Kids Builder’s Club 2012


Georgina Military Museum

KMAC at Georgina Military Museum  May 26th 2011  (photobucket)



Georgina Military Museum

KMAC at Georgina Military Museum May 25th, 2012 (photobucket)


The Culmination of a Dream

All men dream, George Petten was one of those. On approaching retirement he dreamt of building and flying an RC Airplane. Unfortunately he was stricken with liver cancer, but undaunted he thought positive and started on his dream while undergoing chemo treatments. With a little help from a friend he built his dream plane.

On May 19/2007 George, along with his family, assembled at the newly finished KMAC Flying Field. Out came his pride and joy, newly finished and ready to fly. Batteries charged and fuel tank filled, all checks were made and the engine was started for the first time.

What follows is photographic evidence of that memorable day.

Photos taken by John Hothi.

KMAC George Petten May 19th 2007 (photobucket) 

My 1st airplane, I assembled it all.

After a successful flight, George, family & friends are very proud. It was a beautiful day for us all.


Unfortunately this was the only flight that George was able to make. His cancer returned and took him to that hangar in the sky. He will always be remembered as the 1st member to offically fly from the KMAC field.