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” Try To Fly Before You Buy ”

Free introductory lessons for individuals to help you decide if this hobby is for you.If this hobby is for you, join our club and MAAC . With your membership you will be linked with a club instructor and put through a MAAC sanctioned wings program for as long as it takes for you to be able to solo and have learned all the safety requirements.

Flying lessons available every day.

Membership Fees

The KMAC offers three levels of membership.  

* Open   18  and over as of Jan. 1st.                                        $80.00

   Junior                                                                                     No Charge

* Family (open member, spouse and children under 18 )      $95.00

* New members excluding Juniors must pay a one time        $30.00   field levy fee.

 For MAAC membership, please visit the MAAC website for current fees and pay directly to MAAC.  


To submit application: drag and drop to your desk top, print it off from your desk top and fill it out. Thank you.