The Keswick Model Aircraft Club (KMAC) is dedicated to the safe and enjoyable pursuit of model aircraft aviation in the region. We strive to make the hobby attainable to all interested individuals, both young and old, in a collegial, communal, and respectful atmosphere where our passion as model aircraft enthusiasts can be explored through club activities and community involvement for the enjoyment of the hobby by all.


KMAC continues to create the safest environment suitable for the recreational flying of model aircraft. We strive to work closely with our community partners and participate in events that promote model aviation and foster community service by our membership. KMAC participates in community events and involvement through volunteering our time in schools, air cadets, town functions and celebrations. KMAC’s home airfield will continue to be a first class facility created entirely by the hundreds of volunteer hours of our membership for instruction and recreation.

MAAC/Transport Canada Document

All members must be aware of the Transport Canada’s Guidelines, see links below.

Technical developments have expanded the scope of recreational model flying and resulted in new safety considerations for model aircraft operators. Recognizing this evolution, Transport Canada has issued guidance to encourage the safe use of model aircraft, drones and UAVs and protect the safety of other airspace users as well as people and property on the ground. This guidance is intended to encourage best practices in aviation safety among all model aircraft operators and to support compliance with a pilot’s legal requirements under the Canadian Aviation Regulations (CARs).

The Transport Canada guidance should be reviewed in conjunction with the specific MAAC guidelines and rules established for particular flight disciplines and available on the MAAC website. Where MAAC sanctioned fields are in use, or at MAAC sanctioned events, current flying procedures have a proven safety record, are CARs compliant and should continue to be followed. All MAAC members are encouraged to regularly review our safety practices and always apply common sense when operating an aircraft and to consult their club safety officer or zone director with any questions or concerns.


We are proud recipients of an OTF Grant in 2012